The Restobar Casa del Mar is characterized by its large terrace with sea views, where the cañas and tapas mix with the hustle and bustle of the people and the Mediterranean breeze.

The sea has always been an inspiring muse for artists of all kinds. The Restobar Casa del Mar with its incredible views and its Mediterranean atmosphere, invites you to live that experience in first person. In 1969 the old fish market in Altea became La Casa del Mar. Today, a restaurant and hostel, so close to the sea that its breeze and color are a daily gift to all our senses. Since its inception it has been a meeting place for Alterans and any excuse was good, to meet friends in the heat of a good terreta wine. At present, it is a meeting point for people from all kinds of backgrounds.

With that considerable affection that our ancestors deposited in each stew, our tapas, seafood and homemade food, continue to maintain the same essence of traditional cuisine, taking into account the products of the land.

Our challenge is always to improve to offer a unique service and innovative product, related to the Mediterranean Sea.

Good treatment, good wine, good food and good music.


Cool off, talk, enjoy and feel the sea …


Albariños, Ruedas, Riberas and Riojas, in addition to the best Valencian wines to accompany our dishes.…